SustainAgri: 1st Online meeting

Date: Thursday 19th November, 9:00 CET

Host: ČZU Prague (CZ) 

Platform: Google meet

Link to join:

The biggest complication was the impossibility of meeting in person. Travel abroad was not possible due to the covid quarantine. We already had some experience with online meetings, but we still needed to solve some technical problems. A detailed agenda of the meeting, followed by minutes, provided good grounding for all partners. The entire online meeting was recorded on video.


Meeting Aims:

  • To agree the operating procedures and working practices for the management and implementation of SustainAgri project
  • To clarify the SustainAgri project concept, project plan and actions
  • To discuss and confirm partner’s understanding of each other’s’ roles and responsibilities
  • To agree a set of actions for the first 6 months of the project








Activity Partners involved
Welcome + Introduction of all partners CZU +all
Introduction to project

  • Goals
  • IO´s
  • Activities planned

    • Goals
    • Actions,Timing – especially first 6 months
  • Tasks for partners
  • Deadlines


Finance and Project Management

    • Partner contracts and funding
    • Shared platform
    • Forms, time sheets
  • Tasks for partners
  • Deadlines
Dissemination Plans

    • Dissemination strategy
    • Website, logo, brochure
    • Dissemination report template
  • Tasks for partners
  • Deadlines
Center for Education and Innovation


Youth Europe Service


    • Evaluation strategy
  • Tools, Indicators, time schedule 
    • Partners Meeting Evaluation
  • Tasks for partners
  • Deadlines
Meeting Administration

    • Certificates of Attendance
  • Recorded meeting
  • Meeting minutes
  • Next Meeting Dates