The Project “Sustainable Agripreneurship”


The Aims of the Project are to Strengthen the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by introducing young agripreneurs into sustainable farming;


The project targets for VET organisations/trainers in sustainable entrepreneurship – interested in new tools for training agrientrepreneurs,


The Priorities are focused to support the uptake of innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and learning

The Partnership

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) is one of leading educational and research centres for agrarian sector, food, forestry, wood processing, environment and ecology, economics and management, informatics, rural and regional development in the Czech Republic…

Dekaplus Business Services (Cyprus)

DEKAPLUS is a vocational education and training organisation, primarily focusing on the development of competences and skills of SME management and first line staff…

TREBAG (Hungary)

Trebag Intellectual Property and Project Manager Ltd is a Hungarian private company and living lab with huge network locally and regionally among stakeholders and actors in the VET sector…

Youth Europe Service (Italy)

Youth Europe Service is a non profit association that works, in the social and environmental field, to promote actions to respect nature & environment, integrate people with disabilities …

Center for Education and Innovation (Greece)

INNOVED is a newly established educational and consulting organization in Greece which focuses on knowledge and innovation transfer in the broader fields of education, lifelong learning and training; …

Exponential Training & Assessment (United Kingdom)

ETA has led and been a partner in several Erasmus+ projects sharing their knowledge of project management and Erasmus+ and expertise in VET design and development, elearning and assessment and training the trainer …

8D Games BV (Netherlands)

8D Games develops tools for several institutes like, schools, government, hospitals & companies. 8D Games helps these institutes identify problems for their target audience and formulate concrete goals for improvement …


News & articles

Article Module 6


  SustainAgri Module 6: Marketing and Networking Summary  Marketing involves all actions and processes which aim at drawing in customers and maintaining relationships with them, promoting products and giving access to those products, and maximising [...]

Article Module 2


SustainAgri Module 2: Developing a Business Plan Summary  A Business plan creates the opportunity for an entrepreneur to think through and plan every aspect of a future business. It is arguably one of the most [...]

Article Module 7


Human resource management encompasses all functions and activities aimed at maximising the effectiveness of the workforce and the enterprise. In addition, HR management manages human capital in a way that gives the company a competitive [...]


Multiplier Event

SustainAgri Multiplier Event in Hungary


SustainAgri Multiplier Event in Hungary (2020-1-CZ01-KA202-078268) Trebag Ltd, a participant of the Erasmus+ Project SustainAgri (Sustainable Agripreneurship) organised a conference for young Hungarian experts and managers of agricultural companies and VET teachers and students on [...]

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