Newsletter September 2022

The Sustainable Agripreneurship project (acronym “SustainAgri”) started in October 2020 and the last transnational meeting took place in Budapest on 14-15 September 2022.

On the occasion of the project’s conclusion, we would like to remind you what the project is about and what its objectives are.

This project harnesses the characteristics of Millennials and Generation Z to create the springboard for a new generation of agripreneurs (entrepreneurs in agriculture) who can take ownership of agriculture and transform it into a sustainable entrepreneurship. This project has developed an innovative training package of materials and tools, including a serious game tailored to the learning needs of the younger generations. This game will enable novices to implement a sustainable business model using the triple bottom line framework (society, economy, environment) to lead their farms and farming activities in general towards sustainable development. This serious game will be used as a training/learning and assessment tool for the VET trainer.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. strengthen the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by introducing young agri-entrepreneurs to sustainable agriculture;
  2. create incentives for younger people to enter and run agribusinesses;
  3. link sustainability to farm profitability and show how the introduction of new technologies (smart farming) and management practises can reduce environmental impact and increase profitability;
  4. demonstrate the important role of VET in developing a new type of sustainable agro-entrepreneurship;
  5. raise awareness among rural communities about social and environmental responsibility;

You can download the sustainAgri game here:

For Android:

For iOS:

SustainAgri Final Meeting

At our last transnational meeting in Budapest, we talked about the progress of the project and how things, assigned tasks, dissemination and communication have gone so far. We had the opportunity to get an overview of the project and see where we are in order to proceed with the last additions. We also talked about the dissemination of the project and its sustainability, which is very important.

Trebag – our partner from Hungary – presented us the final multiplier event they had organised on 12 September in the Hungarian city of Kecskemét. The participants were young Hungarian experts and managers from agricultural enterprises as well as VET teachers and students. If you would like to learn more about this event, here is the link.