Czech Republic

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) is one of leading educational and research centres for agrarian sector, food, forestry, wood processing, environment and ecology, economics and management, informatics, rural and regional development in the Czech Republic. It consists of six faculties (Agrobiology, Food & Natural Resources; Economics & Management; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Forestry & Wood Sciences; Tropical AgriSciences) and one institute (Education & Communication).
CULS offers bachelor, master and doctoral education for about 18,000 students (incl. about 3,000 international students from more than 100 countries) in various areas of bioeconomy and related sectors. Study programmes address the whole agri-food chain, forestry (incl. agriforestry) with special interest in mountain areas with their value chains, but also leisure activities related to nature (e.g. horse breeding, dog breeding or game management) or rural development. Programmes with education in economics and management or cultural studies are in great demand. The university also provides education in information science, ecology and environmental studies, utilization of natu-ral resources, landscape protection and landscape architecture, spatial planning or technologies used in life sciences (agriculture, food and forestry). A special segment of education is represented by pro-grammes in tropical agriculture and in education


United Kingdom

ETA has led and been a partner in several Erasmus+ projects sharing their knowledge of project management and Erasmus+ and expertise in VET design and development, elearning and assessment and training the trainer development. ETA has a track record of being a reliable and an effective partner and often takes the lead in activities such as training the trainer and VET design and development. It also has a track record in following through on the sustainability of projects: it is still leading a European wide network of Perspectives 360 partners following the delivery of the Leonardo Da Vinci project Perspectives 360 which is currently undergoing a major software upgrade. ETA is experienced in the design and delivery of blended VET transnational and international programmes. It is a Chartered Management Institute Approved Centre including an assessment centre for the Institute’s prestigious Chartered Manager. The ETA team comprises professionally qualified trainers and VET assessors/moderators both employed and associate team members. The core team members hold Chartered Management Institute assessment and moderation qualifications and have been delivering CMI qualification-based programmes for over 10 years. Most other VET trainers and assessors/moderators and many are also Chartered Managers and all have experience of working in complex, transnational projects. The team is supported by administrators and managers.



Trebag Intellectual Property and Project Manager Ltd is a Hungarian private company and living lab with huge network locally and regionally among stakeholders and actors in the VET sector. The company was established in 1989 as a German-Hungarian company. Since 1994, the owners of TREBAG Ltd are Hungarian private persons. TREBAG has been a significant actor in the field of VET with the main focus on the liaison between youth and the business sector. It has a great stock of experience, know-how and contacts in various fields.

TREBAG has wide experience in European projects and transnational cooperation for 15 years with special focus on innovation, R+D and training. The company has participated in around 50 projects in LLL in KA4, KA3, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programs and 5 projects in the 4th-5th Framework Programmes so far. TREBAG established and operates the Innovation Lodge and the Wellbeing Living Lab in Nagykovacsi, which is a member of the European Network of Living Labs ( and cooperates with an extended network of local and regional organizations including the Municipality, several schools, community centres, companies and VET providers. We promoted a prize-winning Award for Excellence of Erasmus + project in 2017 and a Leonardo project that was prized on the eFestival in Hungary (2005). Besides we won the  European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize on the CEEBIT (2006), while in 2014 the OpenInn project was selected among the best European projects among many.



DEKAPLUS is a vocational education and training organisation, primarily focusing on the development of competences and skills of SME management and first line staff. SMEs in Cyprus account for 99.8% of the total number of enterprises, thus making their sustainability vastly important for the economy. To achieve improvements across this sector, the government encourages and subsidises training for both the employed and unemployed manpower. DEKAPLUS is a qualified and certified training centre since commencing its operations in 2006, and offers vocational short courses in various areas. DEKAPLUS also offers intensive courses as well as night courses in order to satisfy all levels of demands. Being close to various SME stakeholders has been a key part of the strategy for business development. DEKAPLUS has business relations with SME sectoral organised groups such as the Cyprus Logistics Association, the Cyprus Association of Tourism Enterprises, the Cyprus Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industries Association, Cyprus Building Contractors Association and many more. This direct access to SME organised groups allows the precise identification of needs as well as the challenges SMEs face, thus enabling DEKAPLUS to form the appropriate vocational education strategy.



INNOVED is a newly established educational and consulting organization in Greece which focuses on knowledge and innovation transfer in the broader fields of education, lifelong learning and training; entrepreneurship and employment aspects; non formal learning and training methods with the usage of modern technologies. The main mission of INNOVED is the promotion of knowledge, educational practices and opportunities to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. In order to accomplish its mission, INNOVED is operating in order to achieve to encourage, support and promote the innovative spirit in various areas such as: – Education and Training – Social inclusion and intercultural dialogue – Innovative methodologies and practices around the entrepreneurial mindset – Disabilities and empowerment – Non formal practices in education and training provision. InnovED emphasizes on the social inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalized groups and the overall empowerment of individuals through the provision of innovative and integrated educational solutions tailored to meet the explicit needs of the various groups. More particularly the organization focuses on the activating participation of interested parties with different backgrounds on initiatives that entitle people to a better future (whether professionally or at a personal level) through self-empowerment. InnovED aims at being known for its devotion and professional commitment to excellence. The organizational focal point is to strengthen its cooperation, increase human resources, upgrade and utilize existing human resources, attract parties that who are in need of support and guidance as well as structure and increase participation in initiatives to the end users’ best interest.

8D Games BV


8D Games develops tools for several institutes like, schools, government, hospitals & companies. We help these institutes identify problems for their target audience and formulate concrete goals for improvement. In order to achieve these goals we develop complete serious games or apply gamifications (such as rewards, exploration, achievements ) in order to create desired behaviour, knowledge or attitudes in our players.

A few examples we have worked on include: a sensor based game for elderly people to make exercising fun, an outdoor game for children which motivates them to discuss poverty with their peers and an online project about cyberbullying among teenagers. We employ an experienced team of game developers, artists and user experience designers. We have concrete experience in the following:

– Serious gaming in healthcare, education and healthy living.

– Problem analyses for finding (mostly technical) solutions and developing them

– Technical innovation such as: Augmented Reality, Infrared sensors & sign language detection.

– Developing of mobile and desktop games

– Visualization of concepts and products

– Developing digital products for campaigns

– Consultancy for implementing gamifications and interactive solutions



Youth Europe Service (born in January 1999) is a non profit association that works, in the social and environmental field, to:

-Promote actions to respect nature & environment
-Integrate people with disabilities or disadvantaged
-Promote knowledge and protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony
-Develop social, cultural, artistic, educational and sports activities to create a European citizenship
-Realize youth exchanges and trainings, voluntary services, organization of cultural events
-Help the development of new entrepreneurs & job opportunities
-Promote activities and initiatives in tourism development and promotion
-Organize campaigns for peace, brotherhood and solidarity

Y.E.S. is registered in the Regional Register of the Associations and it is member of the following international networks:

-The Youth European Network
-European Ecotourism Network
-Europemobility Network.

It is the promoter of the European Network named ENLT – EUROPEAN NETWORK OF LOCAL TOURISM. It was also (till November 2008) part of the network C.T.S. (CENTRE OF TOURISM FOR STUDENTS) and is recognized by Presidency of Minister’s Council as Organization of National Civil Service.