Exponential Training is delighted to announce its involvement in a new Erasmus+ project about Sustainable Agripreneurship. No ‘agripreneurship’ is NOT a typo! Agripreneurship the term being used for a new breed of entrepreneurs looking to run sustainable, agricultural enterprises. 

Training Tomorrow’s Agripreneurs

Exponential has always been involved in new and cutting-edge initiatives. Before Business Growth Coaching was an established form of business support for ambitious enterprises, Exponential was already delivering its Diploma in Strategic Business Coaching. The Company developed its own e-portfolio system to support on-line assessment within Matrix in 2005 and more recently with its new LEAP assessment platform. 

Now the Exponential team is part of new European partnership that will create a new training programme and toolkit for aspiring agripreneurs. The team met with the other six partners in the first of a series of Transnational Project Meetings. The partnership involves six partners plus Exponential Training: CZU Prague, 8D Games (Netherlands), Center for education and innovation (Greece); Dekaplus (Cyprus); Trebag (Hungary) and Youth Europe Service (Italy)

Exponential’s Quality Manager, Anne-Marie Daly, said: 

It was a pleasure to meet our partners in this project. Although some of the partners are longstanding partners, there were also new partners. The value of working across Europe like this lies in gaining new insights and perspectives on new trends and how different countries approach problems and opportunities. I am looking forward to learning a lot about how to develop Serious Games and how we can help young people in the UK to set up and run sustainable agricultural enterprises”.  

The project known as, SustainAgri, involves the development of a Serious Game in which participants will learn about and explore what is involved in setting up and running a sustainable agricultural enterprise. Most of Exponential’s involvement will major on the development of a new curriculum and toolkit to help aspiring agripreneurs to make plans for their business concept. 

The project builds on previous projects in which Exponential has been involved – projects such as USEWINE in which the team designed a ‘triple bottom-line assessment tool and training course. SustainAgri also links to several other Erasmus+ project that Exponential is engaged in – project such as:

  • Growing European Microenterprises (GEM)
  •  Enterprises Growing Through Business Simulations (E-Growth) 
  • Educational Package for SMEs to Increase Innovation Capabilities and Productivity (EPIC)
  • Zero Waste Management in the Food Sector (Go Zero)