SustainAgri: 2st Online meeting


Date: Thursday 17th June 2021, 10:00 CET

Host: ČZU Prague (CZ) 

Platform: Google meet

Link to join:

The Covid situation has improved, but travel restrictions are still in place. Mainly, we don’t know enough in advance what restrictions will apply, that’s why the second TPM was also online.

Between TPM1 and TPM2 we communicated via email and had several online meetings. All partners were involved in discussions and ambiguities were clarified. Work on the project started as planned. The leader of IO1 is partner ETA and everyone was involved in the work on the output.

Meeting Aims:

  • To check the progress of work of all partners  – IO1; IO2
  • To plan further work on the IO´s
  • To check the internal evaluation, discuss improvements, 
  • To check the dissemination activities + plans for following
  • To agree a set of actions for the following 6 months of the project











Activity Partners involved

  • Check the partners´ progress
  • Further Actions 
  • Assessment tool – details, timing, number of participants

  • Short questionnaire results and conclusions
  • Presentation of the work progress on the Game
  • Task for partners
Dissemination Reports

    • Check the progress
    • Quarterly reports 
    • Interim report preparation
  • Tasks for partners
Centre for Education and Innovation


Youth Europe Service


  • Results of the quarterly reports
  • Proposals for improvement
  • Interim report preparation – task for partners
Finance and Project Management

  • Preparation for the interim report
  • 6M report checked
  • Quarterly progress reports for all partners – will be connected into one document before the Interim report
Meeting Administration

    • Certificates of Attendance
  • Recorded meeting
  • Meeting minutes
  • Next Meeting Dates